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We remain very close to DMCI HOMES, from where we considered owning our first home before we got married.  As a developer, we believe the projects of DMCI HOMES offers the best value for money in the market and the best workmanship in the industry.  Our relationship with DMCI Homes has flourished over the years.


From the first years with DMCI HOMES to the present company of the Guzman Dolosa Real Estate Group, we have made finding a home a personal commitment to our clients.   We know this purchase is one of the most important investments of a lifetime.  To this day even our ties with the company where ours was founded remain strong.


Since 2007, we have consistently been top sellers of DMCI HOMES.  The Guzman Dolosa Group now has around 20 licensed real estate brokers and real estate sales persons with a full office staff to assist with every real estate needs.  Every client has their own unique situation that offers its own set of challenges.  Over the years we have learned to anticipate and adapt to the people, the situation, and the character of the investment itself.  Whether you are purchasing your first home or investment, we are here to offer guidance, protection, and full service based on our knowledge and experience as licensed real estate brokers and as investors ourselves.


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